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Steps to Getting Your Driver’s License

STEP ONE:Enroll in this approved course #107 — This course is State approved as Course #107 — Virtual Drive of Texas

STEP TWO: Register in the State Parent-Taught Program –Either submit a request for a Parent Taught packet online or Print and Mail this form, DPS form DL-92, with $20.00, to the State DPS office to register the student and parent(s) in the Parent-Taught program.  The mailing address is in the top-left corner of the form.  It can take up to 3 weeks for the State to mail or email your confirmation, so mail this form as soon as possible if you choose this method.  

NOTE:  If you choose to mail the form you can receive a faster response from the State by entering your email address on the blank line labeled ‘Instructor’s email address’.  Also, place a ‘check mark’ in the box beside the words ‘Check to have packet emailed’.

STEP THREE: Obtain Your Learner’s Permit — Once the student has completed Steps 1 & 2, above, and completed Module 1 of this course, he/she is prepared to apply for a Learner’s Permit through the local DPS office.

STEP FOUR: Obtain Your Driver’s License — When your child is at least 16 years old, has held the Learner’s Permit for a minimum of six months, and has completed the course, he/she is eligible to apply for an unrestricted Driver’s License through your DPS office.

Because our course is approved, your child will not be required to take the written test administered by the DPS when applying for their driver license. The Certificate of Completion, Form DE-964, is proof that this test was taken and passed by the student.

However, all new drivers, who apply for a first-time driver’s license, must take a driving test with a local DPS official.